We always get what we deserve?

The Surrogate by Louise Jensen Lisa's words are imprinted on Kat's mind : 'We always get what we deserve.' But do we? Do the not so nice things we do sometimes come back and bite us in another form? Whilst not precisely a theme of The Surrogate, there is a hint throughout the story that …

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The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas '...the whole of human wisdom is summed up in just two words: Wait and hope.' I read the other day an excellent review of Dumas' masterpiece. See https://critiquingchemist.com/2017/09/29/the-count-of-monte-cristo-by-alexandre-dumas/ It included suggestions about the questions that might be posed in a sequel, for example, how would Maximilian and Valentine deal with her family …

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The Great Escape

Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea (a review) [The publisher kindly provided me with an advanced reading copy of Margaret Skea's new historical novel, due to be published on October 18th.] 'It is very shameful that children, especially defenceless young girls, are pushed into the nunneries. Shame on the unmerciful parents who treat their own so …

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