My Historical Fantasy

The Dark Side of the Fylfot (2010)

The Dark Side of the Fylfot is a retelling of the Ratcatcher (Pied Piper) of Hameln legend. [Updated edition 2018.]

Saxony, 1348

Gretl is a child when the Great Mortality strikes Brunswick and not all her grandfather Sano’s learning can protect the family from tragedy.

And when Gretl becomes a victim of the bitter and lustful Akhtar, Sano must confront the past and his own guilt to heal her hurt.

The Black Death returns. Gretl and Lou, her father, are determined to discover the cause and find a cure. To do that, they must confront ignorance, superstition and religious dogma. Not only that: casting his still-malevolent gaze on the family is Akhtar, intent on pursuing his mad, perverted ambitions. But who is Akhtar, and what is the origin of the strange power he wields over people? Will Gretl learn too late that all magic is in the mind?

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