The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas '...the whole of human wisdom is summed up in just two words: Wait and hope.' I read the other day an excellent review of Dumas' masterpiece. See It included suggestions about the questions that might be posed in a sequel, for example, how would Maximilian and Valentine deal with her family …

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The Great Escape

Katharina: Deliverance by Margaret Skea (a review) [The publisher kindly provided me with an advanced reading copy of Margaret Skea's new historical novel, due to be published on October 18th.] 'It is very shameful that children, especially defenceless young girls, are pushed into the nunneries. Shame on the unmerciful parents who treat their own so …

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‘Kill them all; God will know his own.’

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse A Review   History attributes those chilling words of the title to Arnaud Amaury, the papal legate who led the massacre at Beziers in 1209 CE. Whilst the records tell that the French Crusader army spared no one, the real targets of Catholic hatred were the Cathars, a pacifist and gnostic …

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