Wonder Women

[WARNING! Any apparent similarity between this post and my previous one (Dreaming the Impossible) is pure coincidence.] Amazons by John Man A Review 'As always with superheroes, the plot involves saving the world, which suggests that the film is nothing but fun, at best, and utterly lacking in significance. Not at all. Wonder Woman is …

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‘Kill them all; God will know his own.’

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse A Review   History attributes those chilling words of the title to Arnaud Amaury, the papal legate who led the massacre at Beziers in 1209 CE. Whilst the records tell that the French Crusader army spared no one, the real targets of Catholic hatred were the Cathars, a pacifist and gnostic …

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Women Behind the Throne – Part Three

Sorqoqtani - 'Munificence and Benefaction' Shirimun and the sons of Ghaimish opposed the election of Mangke as Great Khan. They prevaricated and would not attend the quriltai to endorse the appointment. When they did at last set out for the Mongol homelands, it was with mischievous intent - or so the contemporary historians would have …

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