To the Lighthouse

by Virginia Wolff The British Library describes Wolff as 'one of the most innovative writers of the 20th century.  Judged on To the Lighthouse, it isn't a description I would deny. Innovative she certainly was, but having read the novel - recommended to me as one of her best, and typical of her style, I …

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E=mc2 and all that jazz

Relativity by Albert Einstein Considering the number of books I've read about Einstein's theories of Relativity, and about Einstein himself, it's surprising I didn't acquire this one until quite recently. As so often happens, I was probably browsing the shelves for something else. In case anyone doubts, this is THE book about Relativity, the original, …

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‘Kill them all; God will know his own.’

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse A Review   History attributes those chilling words of the title to Arnaud Amaury, the papal legate who led the massacre at Beziers in 1209 CE. Whilst the records tell that the French Crusader army spared no one, the real targets of Catholic hatred were the Cathars, a pacifist and gnostic …

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