In Wine Is Truth?

Sweeter Than Wine (Post 4) CATHY Yves lays his cigar on an ash tray, picks up his financial newspaper and pretends to read. ‘I can’t help noticing she has nice legs,’ he mumbles behind the newsprint. ‘But it doesn’t qualify her as a daughter-in-law.’ I feel like throwing something at him but have nothing convenient …

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Imagining Characters

Sweeter Than Wine (Post 3) CATHY Yves’ face grows even redder. The artery in his neck stands out . . . . ‘God knows how many of a brood she’ll give him before he’s done with his career of learning.’ ‘So, you’d rather he screwed around in one-night stands with horny undergrads. Or went with …

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‘… for the good of this plantation’

'... Pokahuntas. To whom my hartie and best thoughts are ...' Rebecca's Tale (Part Two) Heacham is a holiday resort in the county of Norfolk. Situated on the shores of the Wash, it is the English centre of lavender farming and distilling, and boasts 100 acres under cultivation. The village was of sufficient importance in …

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